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Rugby league football is a full-contact team sport played with a prolate spheroid-shaped ball by two teams of thirteen on a rectangular grass field. Rugby League is most popular is Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain and France.


Players on the field come under two categories, forwards and backs. There are also 4 reserves. Each position has it's own number.


Backs are numbered from 1 through to 7.
(1) Fullback
(2) Right Wing
(3) Right Centre
(4) Left Centre
(5) Left Wing
(6) Five-Eighth
(7) Halfback


Forwards are number from 8 to 13.
(8) Prop
(9) Hooker
(10) Prop
(11) Second Row
(12) Second Row
(13) Lock


The interchange players are usually numbered from 14 to 17. Typically the interchange bench is comprised of three forward substitutes and a hooker/halves substitute (or utility).

Representative Competitions[]

State of Origin[]

The Rugby League State of Origin is an annual series of three interstate rugby league matches between the Queensland Maroons and the New South Wales Blues. The State of Origin series is one of Australia's premier sporting events, attracting a huge television audience and usually selling out the stadiums in which the games are played. Origin games are traditionally hyped to be the toughest, hardest-fought matches played in Australia, with both teams maintaining a fierce effort right to the end of the game.

City vs Country[]

City vs Country is an annual Australian rugby league match that takes place in New South Wales between teams made up of NRL players representing 'City' (Sydney metropolitan area) and 'Country' (all areas in NSW outside the Sydney metropolitan area).